Can I reserve a table?

Unfortunately, we are not taking reservations right now. However we will turn the tables quickly. Give us a call on your way, or quickly call in and we will contact you when there is a free table.

Do you offer takeaway?

Yes! You can order here or give us a call and we will take your order.

How spicy is your chicken?

It’s as spicy as you like it! We offer 4 levels of spice and we have a traditional, non-spicy southern fried chicken too!

Is this really from Nashville?

Yes! Nashville hot chicken originated in Nashville in the 1930’s when, as local legend goes, a scorned woman was seeking revenge on her womanizing significant other, Thornton Prince, so she doused his chicken with cayenne pepper, hoping it would be inedible. We have spent the last 10 years in the southern United States perfecting these recipes and bringing back REAL southern food to Dublin!

Do you sell Gift Cards?

We do! Give us a call or contact us here and we will organise it for you!